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AD Base Naphthenic Base Oil

Group III base oil

Sinolook is the exclusive seller of ADNOCGroup III base oil (ADBASE) in China.


ADNOC produces around 500,000 metric tons ofhigh-quality Group III base oil per year. Named ADbase, it is used by leadinglubricant manufacturers around the globe.

With a high Viscosity index (VI), low Volatilityindex (Noack), and a low Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) viscosity, ADbase is anideal lubricant component that increases the fuel efficiencyforhigh-performance engines, while meeting stringent environmentalregulations.This is because it exhibits a limited change in viscosity attemperatures extremes, which makes it a better lubricant performer.

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Group I and Group II base oil

We are trading and distributing Group I and Group II base oil from domestic and international suppliers in Asia Pacific area

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