Partner- Topsafe Petrochemical Logistics and Storage Services Co., Ltd

Terminal Introduction:

Topsafe currently covers an area of 640,000 m2, totalled 181 storage tanks with capacity of 480,000 m3; owned a 30,000 DWT and a 50,000 DWT jetty,and a 80,000 DWT jetty under construction, with 9 berth in total; operates 26,500 m2 hazardous chemicals warehouse with 8 sets of automatic barrel filler and other transit facility.

Storage tank Introduction:

There are three kinds of tank materials: Stainless steel, coated, and carbon steel. Each storage tank is equipped with dedicated pipelines and capacity varies from a minimum of 850 m3 to a maximum of 10,000 m3 in 12 sizes. Certain tanks are additionally equipped with insulation, heating, and refrigeration functions.

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