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Terminal Introduction:

SINOCHEM NANTONG owns one 50,000 tonnage wharf specially for petrochemical products and another 3,000 tonnage wharf, operates 6 berths in total and various technological interfaces, allowing four vessels to operate at the same time. The maximum berthing capacity of outer pier is 50,000 ton ships, and two 5,000-ton ships can operate at the same time, The maximum berthing capacity of inner pier can be 2000 ton ships, and two 1000 ton ships can operate at the same time. Maximum unloading speed up to 1800 t/h.

Storage tank Introduction:

SINOCHEM NANTONG owns 104 storage tanks of various kinds, with total 450,000 m3 of storage capacity. It includes dome tank, floating roof tank, pressure ball tank and so on. The company is equipped with advanced quantitative dispatch control system, which can realize intelligent one-card delivery. There are 46 dispatch cranes in total.


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