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Combat COVID-19: Sinolook Oil Commits 1million RMB To Nanan Charity Federation

2022-04-08      Auto:

Combat COVID-19: Relief & Recovery Efforts

In the middle of March 2022, the Covid-19 broke out in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Quanzhou city and its subordinate areas: Jinjiang City, Nan 'an City, Shishi City, and other counties, have begun to lockdown for static management to prevent more outbreaks. Residents' daily lives have been affected in different ways.
Sinolook Oil, a private enterprise operating in Fujian province, is deeply concerned about it. We believe in giving back to the community to remain corporate social responsibility and achieve initiatives.
Therefore, our chairmen Chaoyang Lin representing Sinolook oil contacted the Nan’an Charity Federation immediately and donated 1 million yuan to support the epidemic prevention in Nan 'an. We do our part in the fight against COVID-19, and express gratitude to the medical staff, volunteers, and all those on the front lines who are working tirelessly for the people.
In the face of the virus, the human being is fragile, but love and courage unite us together.
May the epidemic pass as soon as possible.

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